Insomnia - Keep you falling and staying asleep through the night to get recovering rest

  • Reduce Snoring and helps with sleep apnea

  • Helps with people who are stress, worry and anxiety that keeps them from sleeping at night.

  • In Eastern Medical theory blood favors the organs and the blood is produced at night during sleep which takes priority to nourish the organs and the brain. When a person is unable to sleep properly and get good rest they often result in faster aging and prevents weight loss.

Energy and Anti-Aging

  • Reduce Stress Hormones and Increase DHEA and Oxytocin all naturally, we recommend lab works to measure the progress before starting the program.

  • Improve Adrenals and Thyroid functions as the basis.

  • We source some of the best naturally occurring herbal regimen that is GMO-free, chemical free, artificial flavors/colors free, pesticide free to keep your energy consistent without crashing.

  • Have more energy for your community, business and family and your loved ones.