Emotions - Stress, Anxiety and Depression

In the Five Phases theory each phase is paired with two emotions. Wood is anger/uprush, Fire is Anxiety/Joy, Earth is Worry/Planning, Metal Sadness/Compassion, Water is Fear/Courage and last unexpressed. In today’s society we often see depression and anxiety often caused by stress, we use a combination of acupuncture, herbs, breathing techniques and technology to bring you sustainable change that helps many of our patients who is seeking to reduce their medication with the help of their doctor.

  • Emotions - Manage your Stress, Anxiety and Depression in a holistic manner naturally. For milder cases, those who are on medication please consult with your doctor about reducing your medication and a plan to be medication free.

Cancer Support

Cancer Support
  • Most insurance companies covers for the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation such as nausea with acupuncture.

  • We provide natural nutritional advice with a herbal regimen for those who are going through chemotherapy and radiation to help recover faster. We put a lot of emphasis on pH balance through nutrition, herbal medicine and supplementation to help the immune system.

  • We help patients keep a positive mental attitude by giving them a regimen of breathing exercises to do everyday and focusing on things that keep them happy.