Insomnia is caused by many things and one of the culprits is stress. Regardless of what is causing your insomnia, sleep is the fundamental important thing to a good health. Without sleep you won’t have good energy the next day and your mind won’t be as sharp.

Our Insomnia Program may help patients with

  • Reduction of snoring and helps with sleep apnea

  • people who are stressed, worried and suffering with anxiety that keeps them from sleeping at night.

What is Energy? There are many answers to this depending on who you ask. In our office we put you on a scale of one through ten. Ten being the best you ever felt, five being average and one being so tired you can’t get up. Based on this how do you feel right now if you were on that scale? If you need more energy to do more and enjoy your life better, ranging from having better relationships, more productivity for your business, or just feeling more energy to enjoy nature, perform better in your sport/exercise. In Asia tonifying herbs is the natural solution to having more energy when diet was not able to supplement a high energy lifestyle.


  • Three Treasures: Jing = Essence, Qi = Energy and Shen = Spirit

  • Women – Menopause

  • Men - Andropause

  • Treating Adrenal Fatigue through Acupuncture and Herbs to balance the endocrine system is the cornerstone of a holistic program.

  • We source some of the best naturally occurring herbal regimen that is GMO-free, chemical free, artificial flavors/colors free, pesticide free to keep your energy consistent without crashing.

  • Have more energy for your community, business and family and your loved ones.